Welcome to The Voice 21 Exchange

Our Voice 21 Exchange is our new online space where you can join the conversation on oracy education

About Us

Voice 21 is a national charity that exists to enable teachers and schools to provide a high quality oracy education. 

We aim to increase the quality and status of oracy education in UK by delivering teacher development and school improvement programmes and influencing the conversation. 

Why You Should Join Us

Children’s spoken language skills are one of the strongest predictors of their future life chances, yet too many disadvantaged children arrive at school with poor communication skills, already behind their more advantaged peers. Left unaddressed, this gaps grows rather than diminishes. 

Teaching oracy can change this, developing students confidence, articulacy and capacity to learn. 

By joining the Voice 21 Exchange, our Programme participants gain access to a peer community of oracy education best practice, with ongoing updates from Voice 21 with the latest resources, research and approaches to ensuring a high quality oracy education.